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I just like drawing them in uniforms :D





Finally done with these! KORRA GANGNAM STYLE!! I am just really obsessed with this song right now so I decided to do something about it…Just some fun/stupid sketches for the Korra fandom. :) There’s a possibility these may be up for sale as mini prints at the Kamira booth for Sakura Con 2013. I had fun making these.



bless you



Tahno and Korra everyone! :D

Do I ship them? No :D

There more of my attempt at apreciation for aicosu, hope they get to see them and actually get to recieve them one day :).

I’ve really gotten attached to Tahno :P. I actually had to make a whole seperate pattern for his fabulous hair :P.

These guys are so fun to make!



Truly, a question of the ages…





Day 21: Favorite Tahorra graphic:

please for derpy face

AHAHAHHA YES! Wow this is quality. IN fact this whole blog is quality — everyone go follow idontliveinatent!!

You’ve Given Me My Life - LoK


Be the Peaf wk. 3

Prompt: healing


“Guys, come on. I want to get this over with before it starts to rain,” Korra called over her shoulder. She and the brothers were in the park, walking along the river.

“Korra, how do you know he’ll be here?” Bolin asked.

“Because, his teammates said this is where he liked to hang out these days,” she said, turning around, arms crossed. “And I don’t see the point in lying, especially since they know why we’re looking for him.”

Mako sighed and said, “We’ve been looking for an hour, Korra. Maybe he’s already come and gone today.”

She shook her head and started to walk again. “No, I’m sure he’ll show up. Just a little longer…”

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a scene from the fic gray skies ahead by therentyoupay

“Whatever,” she huffs, toppling back over where he lays on the couch and relishing in the slight oomf that escapes him as she thuds down onto the pillow of his stomach.

“Nice landing,” he glares.

She wears a devilish smirk as she pokes his bicep. “It was; you’re going soft.”

Ships Humanized


“Ouch! Quit it Makorra!” Masami wailed from beneath the large boot of said ship. Makorra just chortled, fixed his ‘Most Likely to Succeed’ crown, and continued stomping on the lesser ship. Bosami clung onto Makorra’s arm, turning slightly green as they were repeatedly shaken. “Yeah, you show ‘em, man!” He said weakly. Korrasami, bearing the ‘Most Popular’ crown and arm in arm with Tahnorra, shook her head and continued chatting amicably with all . Linzin was currently being chased around by the elder Tokka, while Sukka looked on with bemusement. Amorra watched on from the spirit world, a scowl on his face and Jinoochy cackled loudly. Borra sat in the grass and cried, comforted by PemLin and Irosami, who bore the ‘Beauty and Beau’ crown. No one could see it of course: Irosami was just a bright light who blinded those who looked upon it. Pemzin sat upon the golden hill of canon, next to a statue of Kataang. Pemzin beckoned to Makorra: “Come. These poor ships have suffered enough.” At that, Tahnorra flipped his her hair scathingly. “Join us at the temple of CANON.”

And with that, Makorra left to join Canon, Bosami waiting at the entrance along with Irosami, Korrasami and Tahnorra threw a huge sexy hair party inviting all of the other ships. 

The End.


Tahno baby.. Y U NO SHOW UP??? ;____;

So here.. another Tahnorra to compensate the lack of Tahno in episode 9. 

Oh, and this is after they’re married btw. C;


The S.S. Sex Falcon has finally taken to the skies, ladies and gents. 


captain tahno’s adventures in cockblocking, ep. 1 (x)

Tahno being a cockblock is so right.

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