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Be The Peaf ~Week 6~ Just A Child

Prompt: “Children don’t grow up. Our bodies get bigger, but our hearts get torn up.”

Title: You’ll Always Have Me
Summary: During their escape from Air Temple Island, Jinora finds herself truly scared for the first time. 
By: Emdeme
Characters / Pairings: Jinora, airbabies (no pairings)
Rating: K
Themes: Family

“Mommy I’m scared.” Meelo whispered.

Jinora tuned to look at her younger brother, who clung to their mother and buried his face in her robes. Mother shushed him and stroked his back while she cradled little Rohan in her other arm. 

For a second, Jinora wanted to crawl over to them and burry her face in mother’s robes too, but then she felt Ikki shake beside her. She turned her head to look down at her little sister and knew that Ikki needed her now more than ever.


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Be The Peaf Week 5


Prompt: “A person can only be beaten in two ways - if they give up, or if they die.”


Title: One of Those Days

Summary: Sometimes, all you need is a little help.

By: Emdeme

Characters/Pairings: Korra and Mako

Rating: K

Theme: Comfort/Fluff


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BE THE PEAF ~Week 2~ Fireworks

Like The Beating Of Her Heart

 Prompt: Summer in Republic City meant, among other things, fireworks.

 POV: Asami

 Rating: K+


“Come on, come on, come on!” Korra shouted as she dragged her friend towards the outskirts of the city. Asami sighed and tried her hardest to keep up with the girl’s pace.

“Korra! Will you please calm down!  The show doesn’t start until nightfall and that’s at least an hour away.” Asami huffed and blew a stay wisp of hair from her face.

“But we need the best view! You’d think being the Avatar would get us some decent seats around here…”

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BE THE PEAF ~ Week One ~


Prompt: “Korra gets lost in the city. Someone (whoever you want it to be) finds her and takes her home.”

Rating: T

Pairing: Makorra friendship

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“Oh you have GOT to be kidding me!”

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