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Korra and her warm-up exercises before bending.

haha so cute

omg, Korra looks so adorable. <3


Sick. Need to be doing commissions..but this happaned and i just could not stop.

will do Korra later.

ms paint like always


So I made this a long time ago and I just remembered it existed.

Enjoy, people!


Amona Lisa WIP by ~kahel

Screencap. Work in progress. May or may not finish, I dunno. :/


for chantal aka ledroid

this was for her b-day which was back in october (super late, gomen!!!). it’s super fun fluffy Borra (friendship ver.?)!!

i know she’s been having a bad day today (for a while), so i hope this cheers her up! 


Masterpost - Week 19



TitleWestern Lights
Summary: The lights reminded her of home. He could try to at least bring her that much comfort.
By: kickitlikekorra 

Characters: Katara, Zuko
Pairings: Zutara
Rating: K

TitleA Drink for the Dawn
Summary: [He smacks his tongue a few times and his mouth feels slick and grimy. Maybe this just isn’t his drink. | Mako. Korra.] 
By: ebonynightwriter

Characters / Pairing: Korra, Mako / Makorra-ish
Rating: T
Themes: Drinking, Alcohol, Staying Up Late

Title: Beneath the Lights
Summary: The lights are so different on the opposite side of the world.
By: childhoodinfamy

Characters / Pairings: Tonraq, Senna / Senraq
Rating: K 

Title: Light of Dawn
Summary: Before the sun rises, they need each other for light.
By: poisonousstrawberries 

Characters / Pairings: Mako, Korra / Makorra
Rating: K 

Title: Beauty Beyond Compare
Summary: Asami can’t sleep and so Korra coaxes her into rest by telling her about the south pole.
By: ladywishing 

Pairings: Korrasami
Rating: K+


Title: Memories
Summary: ”I remember standing here with him. I always see him there, watching over us.”
By: panthersprite 

Rating: K

Graphics: (click link to view enlarged image)

imageGraphic 1imageGraphic 2



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YOOU Better watch out,


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I’m tellin you why.

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