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Legend of Kitty 3 pt. 3 - LoK


So this is way overdue. I need to finish Beach Day soon too. Oi.


Korra and Mako were woken up a few hours later by Bolin. He had come in and opened the curtains enough so that the sunlight flooded in and over their faces. Mako covered his eyes and Korra groaned.

“Come on, wake up guys,” Bolin said. “Don’t make me get Naga.”

At that, Mako shot up. “You wouldn’t dare.”

The earthbender just grinned in response. Korra grumbled and sat up, brushing her messy hair away from her face. “What time is it?” she asked.

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You’ve Given Me My Life - LoK


Be the Peaf wk. 3

Prompt: healing


“Guys, come on. I want to get this over with before it starts to rain,” Korra called over her shoulder. She and the brothers were in the park, walking along the river.

“Korra, how do you know he’ll be here?” Bolin asked.

“Because, his teammates said this is where he liked to hang out these days,” she said, turning around, arms crossed. “And I don’t see the point in lying, especially since they know why we’re looking for him.”

Mako sighed and said, “We’ve been looking for an hour, Korra. Maybe he’s already come and gone today.”

She shook her head and started to walk again. “No, I’m sure he’ll show up. Just a little longer…”

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You Don’t Need To Run - LoK


This fic went up to about ten full pages. Now I can work on other fics. Enjoy ;)


It started as any other normal day. Mako, Bolin, Asami, and the airbender kids were around while Korra meditated. However, something went wrong.

Kyoshi was fighting with Kuruk. About what, Korra wasn’t sure. She just knew she came at a very bad time. “Uh…guys…?” the current Avatar said. “Should I just come back later?” She didn’t get an answer. Kyoshi and Kuruk were too busy yelling at each other.

Aang showed up then. He went to try and settle the argument between the two past Avatars. However, it didn’t help. Something started to happen that disturbed the ground around them. Korra started to get a migraine and fell to her knees, her hands on her head.

Kyoshi and Kuruk finally seemed to notice what was going on and immediately stopped their arguing, but it was a little too late. The damage had been done. Korra’s migraine got worse fast and she groaned. The last thing she heard was Aang calling her name.

Back in the real world, everyone had stopped what they were doing to look at Korra. The air around her had started to swirl and the ground cracked. She looked like she was in pain, and soon her hands were clutching her head.

Tenzin hurried over looking frantic. “What happened?” he asked. “We don’t know. Everything was fine one second, then…this,” Bolin told him. Tenzin was silent for a moment, then said, “This isn’t good…”

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