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Point of No Return


Prompt: “Children don’t grow up. Our bodies get bigger. But our hearts get torn up.”

Rating: T

Summary: Everyone says farewell to their childhood in a different way. Bolin knows exactly how he said goodbye to his. 


Bolin knew the moment he left his childhood behind.

It wasn’t the moment his brother came home alone, crying and soaked to the bone, telling him their parents were gone. 

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Makorra Week – Day 2 – “Noir”


“Hey, you don’t look half-bad,” she says, a bit too surprised for his taste, and she gets up so she can inspect him properly, circling him like an animal stalking her prey, deadly – beautiful.

Mako tightens his grip on the scarf out of habit. Not that she notices, of course, now that it’s hidden away in the pocket of his trench coat. “You think so?”

“Yeah, I do.” Korra draws closer, stops in front of him and smirks up into his face, giving a tug on his tie, straightening it; when her fingers reach above his collar and brush his neck, he shivers. “It suits you.”

“Tall, dark, and handsome, you mean.”

He meets her gaze, even, holds it as it grows heavy until she’s finally forced to look away.

“You got it,” she says, and grins, stretching up to steal his fedora, grabbing it by the brim as she flips it from his head and drops it onto her own. Despite himself, and despite the knowledge that his hair is flattened, molded by the hat’s shape, looks completely ridiculous, Mako smiles.

“That looks better on you than it does on me,” he says, pleased to see her blush slightly, “but you can’t keep it.”

She pouts and peers up at him through her lashes. “Aw, are you sure?”


There’s no protest as he reclaims it aside from a disappointed sigh. “What a shame.”

After a last-second moment of hesitation, he brings the scarf out, unfolds it, draping it around her neck. He uses it to pull her that one step forward, wrapping his arms around her waist and trapping her against his chest. Korra’s eyes are wide, palm pressed to his heart.

“It’s yours,” he murmurs.

She lifts the scarf by one end. “Mako, I can’t take this.”

As reassurance he lowers his head to hers, but the brim of the hat bumps against her forehead; impatient as always, she almost tosses it out of the way and meets him there, in the kiss, hard and searing – he leans into it and she has to bend back a little to accommodate his height.

“I’ll keep it safe,” she whispers, breathless, and he just has time to realize the irony before her lips are on his again and the fedora, still in her hand, falls to the floor.


Just a little Makorra fic to go with the picture. :) NSFW, so gird your loins.

He was too embarrassed. This whole situation was too embarrassing, this whole thing that they were doing, god, he couldn’t believe they were doing this.

And so now he was sitting on Korra’s bed in her dimly lit apartment, wearing only his boxers, as she stripped behind him. He heard the soft sounds of clothes hitting the floor and that made him more nervous than anything he’d heard before. Then there was a tiny chinking noise, as she took off what he knew was the last piece of clothing, because it was her bra, which had a little metal clasp in the back. He’d seen it enough during practice, or when they were kissing, and she let him-

She turned around. He could hear it. And for a heartbeat everything was quiet.

She walked around to the front of the bed, and he was blushing so hard he couldn’t speak. He fixed his eyes firmly on the oil lamp next to her bed, refusing to look anywhere else. Because god she was beautiful. There were scars on her richly colored skin, slices and patches of darkness where she’d healed herself or others had healed her.

“Hey,” she whispered, putting a hand on his arm and making him jump. “Look at me.”

He looked. Cheeks burning, trying not to react to how unreasonably attractive she was, he looked.

Then she leaned forward, and she was in his arms, and she was warm, so warm, and they were kissing, and by that point he was pretty sure she didn’t mind if he reacted. In fact, when she noticed, she laughed into the kiss and reached down to palm him through his shorts, which was entirely unexpected and completely welcome.

And he pushed into her, watched the single tear leak out of the corner of her brilliant blue eye, saw her panting, back arching, wound tight beneath the half-weight of his body; he felt the swamping wave of desire and release that punched through the back of his eyes as he gasped out her name, felt her pulling below him, felt her legs around his back, saw her slip into the oblivion that made her look fucking gorgeous, and suddenly Mako didn’t know how to say how happy he was.


AU Equalist!Mako

I never tried doing an AU gif set before, but I found myself extremely fascinated with Equalist!Mako, because you could rationalize him not liking his benders, being his parents were slain by his own element. Him and Noatak/Amon aren’t that different.

As requested by swirl-issh 

(I wrote a little drabble to accompany the set. It’s not that good though.)

Korra felt her muscles contract, the control of her body draining as her blood froze. Every fiber of her being screamed to move, but as Amon’s fingers clenched the air, all of her will crumbled, drifting like dust in a hurricane.

She was pulled to her knees, eyes frantically moving around as she searched for Mako. Only a few feet in front of her, silhouette barely concealed by the darkness, she saw him.

His eyes, as they came into view, seemed to be burning with intensity. Korra’s lips parted in a breathless plea, telling him to run before Amon got him to.

Amon did not react to his presence; Korra knew she could see him. But Mako wasn’t being bloodbent. His footsteps were the only noise in the room beside the desperate panting that was falling from her lips.

Aside from the fear-filled adrenaline racing through her veins, her chest was beginning to ache. She was confused by Mako’s inaction. He was almost before her, her neck arched back as she stared up into those deep, deep amber eyes watched her.

She sharply exhaled as the realization hit her. Her eyes narrowed, chest throbbing as she forced the words breathlessly from her lips. “Mako.” Her words bled with betrayal, cracking as she felt Amon tighten the grip on her neck.

Mako knelt before her, reaching a hand to her face, dropping it as he thought it better not to exploit her affections any longer. “I’m sorry it had to end this way Korra.”

She bit the air, breaking from Amon’s control for a split seconds as livid rage boiled in her stomach.

Clenching his fingers even tighter around the base of her neck, she lost complete and total control. The only part of her body Amon did not clench with his bloodbending was her lips.

“No you’re not.”

Be the Peaf week 5


Title: Only two ways
“I have nothing left, so whats to lose?”

Characters / Pairings: Jet
T / borderline M
Angst, character death (tw: suicide)

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Not like the Novels



Rating: K+

Summary: Being with Asami was nothing like the romance novels Korra had read or the epic tales of romance Jinora had made her read. It was completely different, and in Korra’s opinion, so much better.

For avatarsnowy because they are awesome and deserve a fluffy fic. Sorry for any bleghness, this was written quickly.    


With her crush on Mako it had been all fire. They had constantly argued and fought, and it had been just like the novels that Korra had borrowed from Jinora. The books with the tragic heroine and the burning, fight-filled love, Korra hadn’t liked them much but she went with it. When she and Mako had broken up it had been mutual and she hadn’t minded as much as she had been confused. That had been nothing like the love Master Katara had talked about when she told stories about her and Avatar Aang.

It wasn’t until Asami that Korra decided the novels were wrong.

With Asami it was companionship. Lying awake together at night was one of the greatest things in the world in Korra’s opinion. With Asami, it was a passion that left no pain only pleasure. Hungry kisses snuck between Asami’s meetings with Sato Industry board members, and Korra’s Avatar duties. With Asami, it was love. And Korra knew that with every look they shared, every time they touched, and every moment they were together.

Korra loved Asami, and it was the greatest thing that had happened to her.







Seriously, if you’re not reading this, I weep for you.


Legend of Kitty 3 pt. 3 - LoK


So this is way overdue. I need to finish Beach Day soon too. Oi.


Korra and Mako were woken up a few hours later by Bolin. He had come in and opened the curtains enough so that the sunlight flooded in and over their faces. Mako covered his eyes and Korra groaned.

“Come on, wake up guys,” Bolin said. “Don’t make me get Naga.”

At that, Mako shot up. “You wouldn’t dare.”

The earthbender just grinned in response. Korra grumbled and sat up, brushing her messy hair away from her face. “What time is it?” she asked.

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Korra Fic - The Uncertain (be-the-peaf week 3)


Title: The Uncertain
Word Count:
[In the aftermath of Amon’s attack on arena, Korra and Mako both have things to think about. Makorra.]


be-the-peaf · Prompt 003 – Heal

“Tending to Injuries”


-The Uncertain-


“I thought you went home.” Mako says, leaning on the edge of the doorframe, arms tucked under themselves. She sits on the bench and looks out to the arena; smoke rises from the center ring and bellows out along the top before escaping through the cracked holes in the glass. She’s still in her probending uniform; he’d changed out of his hours ago. 

“I needed to change.” She says and he pushes from the door.

“You didn’t.” he says as he takes a seat next to her.

“I was getting to it.” She says, untying her armguards and places them next to her. Something catches his eye.

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You’ve Given Me My Life - LoK


Be the Peaf wk. 3

Prompt: healing


“Guys, come on. I want to get this over with before it starts to rain,” Korra called over her shoulder. She and the brothers were in the park, walking along the river.

“Korra, how do you know he’ll be here?” Bolin asked.

“Because, his teammates said this is where he liked to hang out these days,” she said, turning around, arms crossed. “And I don’t see the point in lying, especially since they know why we’re looking for him.”

Mako sighed and said, “We’ve been looking for an hour, Korra. Maybe he’s already come and gone today.”

She shook her head and started to walk again. “No, I’m sure he’ll show up. Just a little longer…”

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Pairing: Asamiroh/Irosami genderbent (Lady Iroh and Gentleman Asami)

Rating: T

Summary: She was the greatest general the United Forces had ever seen. Her soldiers and officers all respected her, and she was both stern and understanding. She was smart and dignified and a brilliant commanding officer. So why did the sight of this one.. boy, make her face burn bright as a flame!?

A/N. I am so sorry this is so awkward and the wording is so blegh. Be warned, bad writing lies ahead.


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So I think I just might have to hurt you if you don’t continue this…

It was SO GOOD! You should join us in the PEAF! 

prompt: “Well, would you look at this?”



prompt: “Well, would you look at this?”—sent by whisperedtouches

summary: Korra’s pregnant. Bolin finds the test.

pairing: Makorra, Borra friendship

notes: written in first person Korra’s POV and the end is first person Bolin’s POV





“Well, would you look at this.”

Shit cock motherfucking ass tits balls—

“—This wouldn’t happen to be a—“

—holy shit fuck stop now please oh my god this is ass

“—pregnancy test, now would it?”

Well, fuck me.

Oh, wait.

He already did. Obviously.

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This was way too entertaining to me.

You Don’t Need To Run - LoK


This fic went up to about ten full pages. Now I can work on other fics. Enjoy ;)


It started as any other normal day. Mako, Bolin, Asami, and the airbender kids were around while Korra meditated. However, something went wrong.

Kyoshi was fighting with Kuruk. About what, Korra wasn’t sure. She just knew she came at a very bad time. “Uh…guys…?” the current Avatar said. “Should I just come back later?” She didn’t get an answer. Kyoshi and Kuruk were too busy yelling at each other.

Aang showed up then. He went to try and settle the argument between the two past Avatars. However, it didn’t help. Something started to happen that disturbed the ground around them. Korra started to get a migraine and fell to her knees, her hands on her head.

Kyoshi and Kuruk finally seemed to notice what was going on and immediately stopped their arguing, but it was a little too late. The damage had been done. Korra’s migraine got worse fast and she groaned. The last thing she heard was Aang calling her name.

Back in the real world, everyone had stopped what they were doing to look at Korra. The air around her had started to swirl and the ground cracked. She looked like she was in pain, and soon her hands were clutching her head.

Tenzin hurried over looking frantic. “What happened?” he asked. “We don’t know. Everything was fine one second, then…this,” Bolin told him. Tenzin was silent for a moment, then said, “This isn’t good…”

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Silver Lining


Prompt: “Korra gets lost in Republic City. Someone (whoever you want it to be) finds her and takes her home.”

Rating: T

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There was no denying it; Korra was lost.

She should have known better than to run off into the city where it was so easy to get lost in the maze of skyscrapers and trams. But Mako made her so mad that she just needed to run.

Just thinking about it made her blood boil again, and she pushed him out of her mind, focusing instead on trying to figure out where she was and how she was going to get home.

Nothing looked familiar, and night had fallen long ago. The streets dotted with lamps, but the complete emptiness felt eerie. Korra started to get the feeling she was in a bad part of town, and the chi-blockers had been popping up all over the city lately. She shivered in the night air, hugging herself.

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