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Be The Peaf: Prompt Number 30 - Fate



Prompt #030: - Fate
Title: Life’s a party

By: thehatbox

Characters / Pairings: korra/asami (korrasami)
Rating: K+
Themes: romance, fate

            Being the Avatar comes with duties and responsibilities, and Korra knows that. She actually enjoys being the Avatar now that she’s able to be working toward things that helped people, benders and nonbenders alike. However, there is one particular task that she positively loathes; being present at social gatherings. Basically, the Avatar is not, and never will be a partying kind of girl. At least not the boring stuffy parties she’s required to be present at. There is  one benefit to them though; the Company President of a rather prestigious, and newly reformed, Sato Industries is almost always present at them.

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it was fate that day

Prompt #030 | Fate

Graphic made by: emdeme

Masterpost - Week 28



Title: Always
Summary: [Mako is late, Korra is worried and Bolin offers a shoulder to lean on. / We’ll be alright. Always. | Makorra. Kind of Borra.] 

Characters / Pairings: Korra. Bolin. Mako. / Makorra. Borra-ish
Comfort, Assurance, Relief

Title: Short and Tall, Hide and Seek
Summary: Mako needs a place to hide a gift for Korra, Tonraq “helps.”
By: fireferretfuzzies

Pairings: Makorra, Senraq
Rating: K+

Title: Realization
Summary: Korra looks back at her moments with Asami. 
By: thehatbox
Characters/Pairings: Korra/Asami
Rating: K+
Theme: Memories, Fluff, Height, First Kiss,  Realization 

Title: Just Let Them Play
Summary: No one can convince me that she believes shes so large
By: panthersprite

Characters / Pairings: Naga & Pabu
Rating: K



Graphic 1



A WIP of my school project. Holy shit crosshatching O-O Super proud of this one though

sldfjs ofijwef!!!!! YOUR PABU BRAIN BACKGROUND IS AWESOME! And also... Food porn Halloween night tonight? ;3

eeee!! Thank you!! x3 

And I’ve got a whole SMORGUSBOARD of Halloween food porn set up on my queue for tonight! (since I’m gonna be handing out candy and roaming the neighborhood looking for giant chocolate bars like a good 19 year old sugarholic should!) ;)

But here’s a little somethin somethin special for you! HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Getting back to work on my Korra amvs!

I’ve got two in the works, but hopefully I’ll have both done tonight

I’m always open for song or theme suggestions :D


I should draw ominous kirima more often.



(Probably should have done this quite awhile ago, based on apparent disdain for OOC posts (although I tag them all for Tumblr Savior to catch), but I’ve decided to create a side blog for this account to strictly post items that are not relevant enough for this blog without an OOC tag.

LOK drawings, doodles, discussions, text posts, and other things of that nature will be posted there That’s not to say that I won’t sometimes post a non-Naga drawing on this blog, but the majority of them— particularly doodles— will now be found on the side blog.

So if you enjoy a good bit of OOC and fun with the Naga mod, then feel free to follow it ; u ;





/casually posts a Mako sketch because of reasons

You should do that more often.

Ya know…. because of reasons.

Yes. Definitely do this more often. Also because of COUGH reasons…


Let’s all just post some colorful, happy things right now, ok? A lot of people really need to be cheered up, and all this darkness is really weighing on people. 

I think tumblr could use a bit of cheering up :)

Korra Fic - Mischief Eyes (for Em)


Title: Mischief Eyes
Word Count:
[There’s something wild in her eyes, a spark of mischief in the fire’s glow. Run Run Run. Makorra.]

For Emdeme. (Happy Birthday! :D)
Hope you like it. :)

-Mischief Eyes-

Run run run.

“Quick, in here!” she says, the words rushed between her teeth as she pulls Mako into the closet. She runs into something on entry, a broom, and she quickly tries to grab hold of it before it knocks anything over. She stops it, holding onto the wooden handle for support, grinning like a madwoman as Mako carefully lights the room with his hand.

“Couldn’t you have picked a better spot?” he asks, wedging himself between the door and a crate of something that smells faintly of pickled seal-jerky. He looks up at her, still leaning against the broom handle, and tries to suppress a smile.

The flame he holds in his hand flickers, dancing above his gloves, heat licking at his face. He holds it out further, away from the door and Korra slumps down to the floor, the broom against her bare shoulders. There’s something wild in her eyes, a spark of mischief in the fire’s glow, and she stares at him, the grin still wide upon her face. He finally gives in and puckers his cheeks into a similar grin and soon they’re in a fit of uncontrolled laughter. The flame goes out in his hand as he holds them to his mouth, trying to suppress the noise and he can feel Korra’ hair brush against his knees as she leans in, trying to do the same.

A few moments pass before they can finally settle down, and Mako leans his ear against the door, listening for anyone who might be passing by. He smiles when there’s none and looks to Korra, who looks at him slyly, mischief flickering in her eyes.


I’m not sure about this one. >.> It’s gotta ‘meh’ feel to it.

Meh. Me and my stupid inconsistent writing style. =.=

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Be The Peaf Week 5


Prompt: “A person can only be beaten in two ways - if they give up, or if they die.”


Title: One of Those Days

Summary: Sometimes, all you need is a little help.

By: Emdeme

Characters/Pairings: Korra and Mako

Rating: K

Theme: Comfort/Fluff


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