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Know the difference


You guys: IF SHE IS FUZZY, SHE IS YOUR FRIEND. Do not fuck with bees, you would literally not be alive without them, most of our food crops are polinated by these friendly little motherfuckers. Bee stingers rip out of the bee’s abdomen when they sting mammals, so what’s an unpleasant few hours for you if you provoke this little girl is literally the end of her life. And don’t just kill her because OH GOD WOW IT’S NEAR MY FACE, she really is not gonna hassle you, bees are inquisitive because they learn things as they go! Probably when she gets back home she will tell her friends about you, unless you kill her like a gigantic cockbag because you are not sure if she’s dangerous, which she totally isn’t. 

By the same token: NOT FUZZY = NOT FRIEND. If it is bright yellow and kind of shiny, you’re looking at a lady who is just just looking for an excuse to ruin your day. Get the fuck out of dodge, wasps can sting anything whenever they want and generally they really want to. I have rescued hundreds of bees out of swimming pools with my bare hands and every time I got stung it was because I scooped out a wasp instead. Wasps can go suck it.

I used to be terrified of bees until I realized there’s a difference between bees and hornets/wasps

bees are so cute! Once I was walking down the street and a bee was flying in the direction opposite me. It accidentally flew into my face and just sort of stopped for a second and I swear if it could talk it would have said something like “Oh dear, sorry about that! Pardon me.” And it went on its merry way.

Hornets, on the other hand. I still have a stinger embedded in my arm from one of those fuckers.

This commentary is precious and also I learned things! :D

hahaha lol

Bees still freak me the fuck out

Just sayin xD

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